Group Itineraries

Whether coming for an afternoon, a day or multiple days we will set up an itinerary for you to suit your group’s interests.

· Historical/Arts Tours-Stops at the Fort Museum and Historical Village, Blanden Art Museum, Historical Vincent House or Smeltzer House, historic churches will highlight the culture and proud heritage of Fort Dodge.   

· Shopping  Tours-Visit downtown Fort Dodge and do a hands-on project at Studio Fusion or shop at Tillie’s Quilts, Exessorize, Christian Book Store, Lily Graces on Central, Real Deals and more.  Enjoy eating ice cream at the Dariette or enjoy a grandma's secret cheesecake recipe at the Fort Dodge Cheesecake Lady.  Other options include leaving downtown Fort Dodge and visiting Community Orchard (bakery, café, store), Soldier Creek Winery, Tea Thyme (tea room), Garden Winery (Callender) and Miry Clay Pottery (Dayton).

· Industrial Tours-Arrangements can be made to tour the Iowa Central Community College Biofuel Testing Lab where today's technology is being use not only to develop our future workforce but also improve our community.  Webster County Conservation's knowledgeable staff can provide educational presentations in natural classrooms and conservation areas.

· Event trips

Fort Dodge has a wide variety of community events.  Groups are invited to live community theatre, musical concerts with Fort Dodge Area Symphony, Fort Dodge Choral Society, Sonshine Singers, Harmony Brigade, Karl King Band and even nationally known bands.  Other special events of interest is the Oakland Cemetery Walk, Frontier Days, Cruise to the Woods Car Show, Oktoberfest and the Dayton Rodeo.

Sample Itineraries below


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